15 March 2009


Lucky I don't have any (regular) readers, else they'd be demanding I rename this A Canto A Week, and they'd be moaning about the failure of the twittering link on the left. Honestly, I don't know what's wrong with that. When I go to edit it, it previews ok, but on the page just shows nothing.

And so to this new canto, which appears to be entirely an assembly of 'found' materials, covering Jefferson and Adams, obviously, but going forward into 19th century economics, with a particular look at the effects of factory legislation. Also there are a few references to the growth of railways, which has happened often enough for it to be a clear theme.

I don't really know what the meta-story here is, but I like this:
But two things I did learn from him (Plato): that Franklin's idea of exempting husbandmen and mariners etc. from the depredations of war was borrowed from him
and (secondly) that sneezing is a cure for the hickups.

On reflection, after editing, I've decided to remove the twittering link. Most entries were just people quoting Ez, like this:
If a man isn't willing to take some risks for his opinions, either his opinions are no good or he's no good.

The sort of thing we can do without. True or not - but what kind of truth test could you apply? - it's pointless. If you want it, just go to or better still

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