A list of books mentioned in this blog. I have, at least, opened every one of them.
I open several books every day, I answered.
You open your granny, said my uncle.

Al Aswany, Alaa Friendly Fire Fourth Estate 2005
Armitage, Simon Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Faber and Faber 2007
Ashbery, John Selected Prose Carcanet Press 2004
Balzac, Honoré de Splendeurs et Miseres des Courtisanes Pocket 1999
Barthes, Roland Sur Racine Éditions du Seuil 1963
Barthes, Roland S/Z Éditions du Seuil 1970
Bassnett, Susan Comparative Literature: A critical introduction Blackwell 1993
Batuman, Elif The Possessed: adventures with Russian books and the people who read them Farrar, Strauss & Giroux (New York) 2010
Baudelaire, Charles Les Fleurs du Mal Livres de Poche 1972
Bertens, Hans Literary Theory: the basics (second edition) Routledge 2008
Borges, Jorge Luis Labyrinths Penguin 2000
Bunting, Basil Complete Poems Bloodaxe Books 2000
Chekhov, Anton trans Constance Garnett ed Richard Ford The Essential Tales of Chekhov Granta 1999
Culler, Jonathan Structuralist Poetics: Structuralism, linguistics and the study of literature Routledge and Kegan Paul 1975
Dostoevsky, Fyodor trans Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky Demons Vintage 1994 (also translated by Constance Garnett as The Possessed )
Dunn, Suzannah The Confession of Katherine Howard Harper Press 2010
Eagleton, Mary (ed) Feminist Literary Theory: a reader (second edition) Blackwell 1996 
Foucault, Michel The Will to Knowledge (The History of Sexuality: 1) Penguin 1981
Galdos, Benito Perez trans Agnes Moncy Guillon Fortunata and Jacinta  Penguin 1988
Genette, Gerard "Vraisemblance and motivation" Narrative October 2001
Green, Peter The Poems of Catullus: a bilingual edition University of California Press 2007
Heaney, Seamus Beowulf: A new translation Faber 1999
Kermode, Frank Pleasing Myself: From Beowulf to Philip Roth Allen Lane The Penguin Press 2001
Lacan, Jacques Écrits I Éditions du Seuil 1966
Lodge, David & Wood, Nigel Modern Criticism and Theory: A Reader (Third edition) Longman 2008
Moore, Marianne Complete Poems Faber and Faber 1984
Murakami, Haruki trans Jay Rubin Norwegian Wood Vintage 2003
Murakami, Haruki trans Philip Gabriel Kafka on the Shore Vintage 2005
O'Brien, Flann At Swim-Two-Birds Penguin 1967
Pessoa, Fernando Poesias: Heterónimos Porto Editora 2006
Pessoa, Fernando The Book of Disquiet Serpent's Tail 1991
Pound, Ezra The Cantos New Directions 1966
Prynne, J H Poems Bloodaxe 2005
Rilke, Rainer Maria Duino Elegies trans Martyn Crucefix Enitharmon 2006
Robbe-Grillet, Alain Le Voyeur [1955] Folio 1973
Robbe-Grillet, Alain Pour un Nouveau Roman Minuit 1961
Said, Edward W Culture and Imperialism Vintage 1994
Said, Edward W Orientalism: Western conceptions of the orient [1978] Penguin 1995
Salinas, Pedro La voz a ti debida, Razón de Amor, Largo Lamento Catedra (Madrid) 1995
Saramago, José The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis (trans Giovanni Pontiero) Harvill 1998
Sebald, W G Austerlitz (trans Anthea Bell) Penguin 2002
Sebald, W G On the Natural History of Destruction Hamish Hamilton 2003
Shelley, Mary The Last Man OUP 1998
Sontag, Susan Against Interpretation and Other Essays Penguin Classics 2009
Sontag, Susan Regarding the Pain of Others Hamish Hamilton 2003
Sontag, Susan Where the Stress Falls Penguin Classics 2009
Steiner, George After Babel: Aspects of Language and Translation OUP 1974
Venuti, Lawrence (ed) The Translation Studies Reader (second edition) Routledge 2004
Venuti, Lawrence The Translator's Invisibility: A History of Translation (second edition) Routledge 2008
Williams, William Carlos Paterson New Directions nd