01 March 2009

Canto XXXI

This starts the sequence of "Eleven New Cantos", presumably written/published after the first 30 of 1930. According to Wikipedia, they were published in 1934. The annotations in wp are quite sparse for this section, so I can read them without compromising my overall mo.

There is apparently a focus on the founding fathers of the USA, well, duh, even I could work that out. I've heard of Thomas Jefferson, me. This canto is very much about him, so i've skimmed through the wikipedia entry on him, which seems to be wp at its best - detailed, well-sourced, balanced. This is a lot more like Paterson, where the extracts build up an impressionistic picture of the intellectual and political concerns of the time. Erm, not much more to say, for now. It seems like a preparation for a more focussed treatment in the remaining ten.

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