09 February 2009

Canto XXII

In relatively modern times, here, with a first section about the conquest of the American west, and the role of one Warenhauser, who was apparently a railway pioneer:
So he cut a road through the forest,
Two miles wide, an' perfectly legal.
Who wuz agoin' to stop him!

Then there's a section about economics, featuring a Mr Bukos, and people identified as C.H. and H.B. Don't know who they are. Then we move to Gibraltar! And there's a collision between Islamic and Jewish ways, but I don't know what it's illustrating, despite having read through this several times. It's just a string of anecdotes, vaguely linked, but it's a bit like listening in to snatches of conversation by people you don't know about people you don't know. Once again, frustratingly, I'm noting and moving on.

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